Preserving Workshops, Hastings

Small groups for hands on learning and discussion

If you would like to reserve a place on these workshops, please email me for details and future dates.

 [email protected]

Canning, Pickling, Fermenting

New Preserving Course Available Now!

Recover and Grow

Seasonal course for every month of the year

Let me show you how I grow, cook and preserve my own food! How gardening can benefit your emotional and mental health as you become more self sufficient. Join me on this adventure and discover just how many fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers you can grow!
GIF of Penny introducing Recover and Grow

Recover and Grow

Covers the whole year

  • Grow, cook and preserve your produce

  • Deepen your sense of well-being

  • Years of experience made accessible

  • Watch in-depth practical step by step guidance

  • Any level of experience, whatever your space

Recover and Grow Courses

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